Gender and Equality

Public Speaking


Research and Analysis

Writing (Reports, Grants, Proposals) and Editing

Knowledge Creation/Sharing and Strategic Learning 





Global Development Awards Competition, Global Development Network with World Bank and  Government of Japan. Summer 2019.

Graduate Research Fellowships Program, National Science Foundation. Fall 2014-Winter 2015.

President Obama’s Mandela Washington Fellowship, “Young African Leaders  Initiative,” US Department of State supported by IREX. Winter 2014.

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, US Department of Defense and  American Society for Engineering Education. Winter 2013.

Learning Technologies for the Developing World, Workshop for IEEE’s International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies at UGA, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Winter 2011-Spring 2011. 




Third Place, Poetry (“Age of Aquarius”), Loquat Literary Festival. Ecology Florida and University of South Florida. Spring 2018.


Provost’s Grant for Heinrich  Böll International Summer School, Morehouse College. 2007.

Professional Development Grant for “Internationalizing the Curriculum,” Albany State  University. 2005-2006.

Independent Scholar’s Award for The Sound of Silence. Nominated. Modern Language  Association. 2000. 

Service Award. Waubonsee Community College. 1999.

Outstanding Service Award. Children’s World. 1996.

Jenefer Giannasi Award for Excellence in Teaching Freshman English. Nominated. Department of English, Northern Illinois University. Spring 1995.

Outstanding Student Award. Department of English, Northern Illinois University. May 1993.

Graduate Student Scholarship (Teaching Assistantship with complete Instructor responsibilities).  Department of English, Northern Illinois University. Fall 1988-Summer 1993.

Arnold B. Fox Award for Research Writing. Special Reference. Department of English, Northern  Illinois University. May 1990.

Prize and Placement, Debates, Dramatics, Elocution. Jesus and Mary College. 1980-83.

First Place, Jesus and Mary College in National Cultural Festival. 1980.