Anju Kanwar

Anju Kanwar is an Author and Educator. 

Rise Global Initiative represents a philosophy that advocates education for sustainable development. It adopts interdisciplinary and integrative pathways to break through traditional approaches that are no longer working.  Kanwar is keenly interested in collaborative approaches between Humanities and Science/Technology for innovative solutions to challenges.   

Committed to education, Kanwar has served in Higher Education in both India and the United States. Her experience includes serving as an administrator (with the responsibility, most recently, to build and operate a federal grant funded academic support program) and a professor (with its charge of teaching, advising, curriculum development, and more) for academic (and life) success. Kanwar's previous work experience also includes successfully relaunching a defunct national consumer magazine. 

Kanwar supports gender equity and leadership development. Her book, The Sound of Silence, is a literary and cultural study of unmarried women - including the role of men and feminism. Understanding the ways in which patriarchy works to disempower women, one can develop strategies for resistance and change. The book was nominated for the Independent Scholar's Award of the Modern Language Association. Kanwar also wrote the Introduction for the Barnes and Noble edition of D.H. Lawrence's novel, The Lost Girl. She is interested in global migration and issues of borders and boundaries. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation, Indian Literature, Stonepile Writers' Anthology, etc. Kanwar believes passionately in the power of  the written word to transform lives.

Kanwar puts her theater and public speaking background to use by giving talks at local organizations, making numerous national and international academic presentations and doing public readings of her fiction and poetry. She opened the Atlanta premiere (and fundraiser) of the BBC documentary, India's Daughter, with her poetry. She has received the Arnold B. Fox writing award (special reference) and the 2018 Loquat Literary Prize in poetry (third place).

Kanwar earned a Bachelor's in English (Hons) from Jesus and Mary College of the University of Delhi and a Master's in English from the Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi.  She received her PhD on a full teaching scholarship from Northern Illinois University, where she majored in English with an emphasis on narrative and gender.  Kanwar has since availed of numerous professional development opportunities, including, most recently, "Poetry and Training the Eye" at Harvard Medical School. 


With Nawal El Saadawi at AWSA, Cairo, 2005

Photo: With Nawal El Saadawi at AWSA, Cairo, 2005

Anju Kanwar @ Florida Loquat Festival

Poetry Awards and Reading

March 24, 2018

From Florida Loquat News #29, July 2018

Anju Kanwar @ ETS Daytona Poetry Reading

Summer 2006

From Daytona Daze, vol. 10.5

Anju Kanwar@ AWSA conference, Cairo

Spring 2005

From Academia, vol.4, no. 1, p. 5

Anju Kanwar @ Women in Healthcare Seminar

Spring 1994

From The Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, IL